Use solar surfacing to power your transport operations with Wattway

Wattway is a patented French innovation after five years of research conducted by COLAS, a world leader in transport infrastructure, and INES, the National Institute of Solar Energy.  it is the world's first photovoltaic ground-based solar surface that provides electricity from clean, renewable solar energy, while allowing the movement of any type of vehicle.

With Wattway you can power all your transport operations from E-Bike charge stations through to CCTV and parking vending machines.


Designed to be trafficked

The Wattway solar panels have been designed to withstand all kinds of traffic. The solar panels can withstand most chemical and mechanical stresses occurring to pavements. They can be installed on asphalt or concrete pavements.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Easy Integration
  • Traffic Proof
  • Resilient

An ideal sustainable green ‘off-grid’ power source

Wattway Packs are an ideal solution to power roadside equipment without a grid connection. With trenching, cabling, and metering, supplying roadside power in outlying network locations can be very expensive. Wattway Packs provide a long-term viable alternative.

A Wattway Pack includes 3,6,9 or 12 panels and a battery back-up.


Charging docks for E-bikes and scooters

Connected bike shelters and lockers

Power for bike shelters, automatic gates and barriers, CCTV

Power for LED pavement lighting, illuminated crosswalks

Power for Smart bus shelters, street furniture