Standard asphalt mixes

ASCO manufactures a range of coldmix, hotmix and enhanced asphalt from our plant in Wiri, Auckland for your commercial, subdivision or public space project.

As an asphalt manufacturer and supplier, we offer contractors and project managers:

  • All-day asphalt supply and pick-up
  • Flexible batch lots
  • Delivery to site if required.

Our plant is certified to APAS (NZ Asphalt Plant Accreditation Scheme) and we supply standard asphalt grades DG7, DG10, AC10, AC14 and AC20 as well as Coldmix.

COLAS our parent company pioneered the use of Coldmix. COLAS has been a constant innovator since its creation in 1929 to market COLd ASphalt techniques.

ASCO have available Bitumend® coldmix, a premium product bagged for targeted easy use, as well as TrenchPlus, an everyday product available for commercial construction projects or temporary reinstatement projects and is also available in bulk.

Asphalt options that offer increased sustainability and reduced carbon output

Standard Asphalt Mixes

ASCO Asphalt includes recycled materials in all asphalt mixes – reclaimed asphalt products (RAP), Slag, Glass and MacRebur® waste plastics and Pearl Global waste tyres

Warm mix asphalt

ASCO Asphalt does manufacture asphalt with a warm mix additive to reduce the viscosity (thickness) of the asphalt binder so asphalt aggregates can be mixed with the binder at lower temperatures to manufacture asphalt.

Reducing the viscosity also makes the asphalt easier to lay and compact at lower temperatures.

By lowering the temperature at which the asphalt is produced:

  • Less energy is required in production
  • There are reduced emissions
  • Greater level of compaction
  • Ability to pave at lower temperatures
  • Decreased binder aging
  • Sites are able to reopen to traffic much earlier.

Existing asphalt designs can be used without changing any physical properties of the asphalt produced, as well as achieving other benefits e.g., lower viscosity, less air voids.