Specialist asphalt mixes

Future proof your pavements and achieve a 25% reduction in base thickness with EME2 structural asphalt.

EME2 binder, structural asphalt

EME2 is a structural asphalt designed using performance-based laboratory tests to achieve high strength and flexibility to limit rutting and cracking under heavy traffic loading. EME2 asphalt allows a reduced asphalt thickness up to 25% compared with conventional dense graded asphalt for the equivalent traffic loading and pavement life.

Dense graded asphalt can deteriorate, rut and crack under heavy traffic loading.

  • Achieve high strength and flexibility to limit rutting and cracking under heavy loads
  • Reduce structural asphalt thickness up to 25%
  • Reduce the demand for bitumen and aggregates.

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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

To be more sustainable we need to reduce the use of new materials

Enhanced Asphalt Products

MacRebur’s® products are made from 100% waste plastic materials and offers benefits such as increasing the modulus of heavy-duty asphalt pavements, e.g. at ports, airports and arterial roads. Asphalt containing MacRebur® has a huge increase in tensile strength, improved rheology, better cohesion and adhesion, vastly improved resistance to deformation and rutting, and fewer failures due to cracking and fatigue.

The use of MacRebur® provides a viable alternative raw material for producing asphalt with a strong environmental payoff. Segregated plastic waste otherwise destined for landfill or incineration can be used as a substitute portion of the bitumen in asphalt. For every 1km of standard road 250,000 equivalent waste plastic bottles can be used with purpose in asphalt.

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