Our Plan

We are integrating sustainability into our core operations

ASCO Asphalt, backed by parent company COLAS is embarking on a comprehensive capital programme, including an asphalt plant upgrade and depot relocation that will allow ASCO Asphalt to leverage materials and technologies to deliver a low carbon footprint into the future with its manufacturing and contracting operations.

We have mapped out a pathway to reduce carbon emissions in an accelerated timeframe.

Key underlying strategic initiatives include:

  • Benchmarking our use of energy and resources;
  • Identifying low carbon material substitutes, plant and operational efficiencies;
  • Increasing the amount of recycled materials in our asphalt products;
  • Using bio-based substitutes to reduce the percentage of petroleum-based products used in asphalt manufacture.

For ASCO the use of recycled and repurposed materials hold the key to increased sustainability. By reducing the amount of ‘virgin’ materials used in asphalt mixes this significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

ASCO Asphalt is actively working with partners to investigate setting up supply chains for alternative additives and materials. An example is the establishment of MacRebur® waste plastic polymer manufacture in New Zealand where upwards of 250,000 equivalent waste plastic bottles can be used in a typical kilometre of road as opposed sending to landfill or export for incineration.

Waste Plastic Polymer Manufacturing Plant

We are scoping the whole supply chain, from sponsoring biofuel supply through to establishing urban quarries to reuse construction waste.