Lifecycle Management

ASCO Asphalt offers Safer Sustainable Solutions to maintain your flexible pavements in the best possible condition through our extensive product range and contracting services. Our pavement solutions are delivered in the safest manner with the support of a knowledgeable technical team to ensure that the most cost-effective treatment and products are utilised.

Our bituminous product range has been tailored to provide the road asset owner with the appropriate treatment type to maintain your pavement in the most sustainable way during its life cycle. Our products and services range from providing preservation treatments, routine and periodic maintenance repairs to rehabilitation and new pavement construction.


Our products have been developed and manufactured to provide the highest quality and best performance outcomes for your traffic and climatic environment. ASCO Asphalt can supply and pave asphalt mixes which comply with Council, Roading Authority’s and Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency specifications as well as spray all binder types. In addition, we can provide the following specialised products and services:

Maintenance Type Treatement Products
Preservation Preserve BIORESTOR®
  Enrichment CRS30
  Rejuvenation SealCoat
Routine Crack Sealing SAMifilla
  Crack Sealing SAMifilla
  Coldmix for patching Bitumend@reg;, TrenchPlus
  Hotmix patching DG7
Periodic Chip Sealing Emulsion
  Microsurfacing Colmat, Colrut
  Asphalt overlays OGPA, SMA, DG7, DG10, AC10, AC14
Rehabilitation Structural Pavement Coldmix, AC20, EME2
  Chipsealing Emulsion
  Asphalt Surfacing OGPA, SMA, DG7, DG10, AC10, AC14

All asphalt pavements are subject to UV and oxidation deterioration. ASCO’s range of preservation and rejuvenation products protects asphalt pavements offering longevity by enhancing asphalt performance characteristics such as flexibility, penetration and viscosity reducing cracking, surface ravelling and resulting potholes.