Imprint a pattern on asphalt with StreetPrint

You can transform any asphalt surface to something extraordinary by imprinting a pattern on it with StreetPrint™. This asphalt imprint technique creates continuous brick, slate, stone or custom patterns over asphalt surfaces at little more than the cost of ordinary asphalt paving. Combined with StreetBond™ coating for colour or XD™ thermoplastic for durable surface designs, StreetPrint™ can create a dazzling array of effects.

StreetPrint enable you to achieve a paved appearance for a fraction of the cost of real paving.

By combining StreetPrint with StreetBond colour, a wide range of effects are possible.

Colour and texture can be combined for stunning impact.

Asco Decorative Asphalt has a number of standard StreetPrint™ patterns available for you to choose from. For instance, it produces realistic brick, slate, stone and other effects on an asphalt base at a fraction of the cost of those materials.

If you’d like another pattern or your own design, we’ll do our best to create the pattern you prefer.

StreetPrint™ asphalt patterning is:

  • Cost-effective to install
  • Fast to construct (10 times faster than brick paving)
  • As durable, flexible and strong as the asphalt itself
  • Easy to maintain
  • A continuous surface, without cracks where weeds can grow
  • Proven internationally since 1993.

And should underground maintenance be required, it is easy to re-imprint that part of the surface to seamlessly fit with the adjacent StreetPrint™ pavement.

StreetPrint™ is a trademarked process and can only be installed by authorized, licensed contractors. In New Zealand, Asco is such an installer, so you can have full confidence that your StreetPrint™ project will be delivered to the highest standards.