Colour your pavement with StreetBond coating

Paving doesn’t have to be dull or boring. StreetBond™ is an advanced surface coating system can make virtually any asphalt, paving and concrete surfaces surface look unique and stylish. It can be applied as a single colour, or in virtually any design, pattern or motif you can think of to create a distinctive look, promote your brand or convey information.

StreetBond can be applied to achieve different effects.

Colours are bright and colour fast.

Colour designs are limited only by your imagination.

StreetBond™ coatings are based on leading-edge polymer, cement and epoxy technologies designed to withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions. It is specifically designed to adhere to asphalt. It combines polymer and cement technologies to achieve exceptional performance.

StreetBond™ produces a durable surface that retains its vibrant colour and can be used on all kinds of architectural hardscapes and traffic management applications. It is also ideal for applications such as bike lanes and bus lanes creating highly visible “corridors” separating various roads users and enhancing safety.

StreetBond™ colour asphalt coating:

  • is remarkably cost-efficient to install
  • cures quickly, minimizing traffic and community disruption
  • remains colourfast and lasts for many years
  • is skid resistant
  • requires little maintenance
  • helps to preserve your asphalt paving
  • is water based, minimising environmental impact
  • It’s practical in other ways too:

If underground maintenance work is required and the surface is cut up, the repaired section can easily be re-treated with StreetBond™ to fit in seamlessly with the surrounding surface.

We have a wide range of StreetBond™ colours available, and can source other colours if you prefer.

To create even more visual impact, StreetBond™ can be combined with StreetPrint™ patterned imprinting.

For extra durability, you can use StreetBond XD™, which uses a coloured thermoplastic layer.