ASCO's frontline sprayer is designed to accurately spray bitumen or emulsion in accordance with NZTA E2 specification.

ASCO’s sprayer applying bituminous emulsion

With a spray bar width of 6.2m ASCO is delighted to offer this specialist plant item as part of delivering Safer Sustainable Solutions.

Our telescopic bitumen sprayer is designed to spray up to 6.2m wide enabling most roads to be sprayed to the centre line and completed in two passes. This reduces opportunity for seal joins to be located in the wheel tracks and offering a full lane for operations without compromising pedestrian, cyclist, motorist and worker safety.  From our resource base we have the capability to provide a chip seal for your project, large or small and whether a driveway, commercial area, subdivision or road.

Along with our sprayer, our chipseal resources include live bottom trucks complete with roller spreader. Live bottoms truck bodies are fixed in place and are therefore safer, faster, more versatile and stronger; and as they are fixed in place, they’re completely stable with no potential for tipping. No raising deck means quicker to discharge the load, while the live bottom gives you direct access to the most challenging locations: under trees, power lines, low structures and uneven surfaces. These live bottom trucks have been customised for New Zealand conditions and are rugged and proven to perform safely.

We use Envirocutter as a replacement for kerosene in the binder. Envirocutter is safer to handle, is not a hazardous substance and is environmentally safe. Envirocutter provides similar adhesion properties compared with kerosene and evaporates from bitumen at a similar rate to kerosene. It is biodegradable, not a persistent pollutant and is not harmful to the atmosphere. Envirocutter has a greater dilution impact meaning less Envirocutter compared to kerosene for similar cutback bitumen viscosity.