Proven asphalt surfacing

ASCO Asphalt has a versatile range of purpose-built equipment to lay asphalt wearing course, and experienced staff who can deliver a premium asphalt paving finish that enhances your project or property.

Our Sprider asphalt auger makes it fast and cost-efficient to lay asphalt.

Infrared joint sealers provides seamless high-density joints.

Insulated truck decks ensure that our purpose manufactured asphalt is delivered to site in perfect working condition.

Our Sprider asphalt auger allows us to spread asphalt quicker over a wider area with fewer workmen. In turn, this allows us to get onto the surface quicker with our compacting machinery. Our compactors are all equipped with electronic compaction meters that ensure you get an optimally compacted asphalt pavement.

Unlike most asphalt contractors, ASCO have our own asphalt manufacturing plant, so we always have access to sufficient quantities of the most appropriate type of asphalt for the project.

We have invested in specialised technology that allows us to construct asphalt pavement in narrow spaces, for instance between buildings or between a building and the property boundary.

The longitudinal joint is the weakest part of an asphalt pavement. It is difficult to maintain a high-density joint and is typically where you may see premature failure. Paving multiple lanes side by side to compact the joint while still hot on both sides is the safest way to ensure high quality joints. We use infrared joint heater to effectively preheat the edge of the previously laid cold lane just prior to placing the hot lane next to it.