About Us

Asphalt Supply Company (ASCO Asphalt) is a leading provider of sustainable pavement construction and maintenance solutions.

ASCO Asphalt is a specialist asphalt manufacturer. As a team we know our product and are focussed on sustainable outcomes with our senior management team having a range of technical expertise, project management, finance and leadership skills and construction management experience.

This is complemented by operational crews who are experienced with bituminous products and know how best to manufacture and lay these products to provide long-life pavement surfaces.

From our base in Auckland, ASCO Asphalt offers a suite of complementary services:

ASCO’s techniques, manufacturing, application equipment and construction methodologies are underpinned by our carbon reduction strategy which embraces cold asphalt products and preservation and rejuvenation methods for asphalt manufacture and on-going pavement maintenance.

Our services include:

  • Manufacturing asphalt for our own use and gate sales. Controlling the manufacture of our product means that we understand our product. This also enables ASCO to deliver a sustainable outcome through the selection, testing and certifiation of our input materials. 
  • Constructing asphalt paving to a high quality, including the precise and highly productive process of paver laid basecourse.
  • Protecting asphalt for greater durability with topically applied bio-based preservation products. This includes adding proven treatments to preserve new asphalt as well as protecting and rejuvenating older asphalt generating significant savings on asphalt maintenance
  • Rehabilitation of road pavement surfaces including milling and paving and crack-sealing
  • Asphalt maintenance solutions including chipsealing, microsurfacing and asphalt surfacing
  • Installing decorative asphalt surfaces in custom colours, designs and patterned textures. This cost-effectively distinguishes and enhances the appearance of asphalt paving
  • Optimising the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of road and streetscape assets with LED road marking and navigational systems, and in-ground solar panels.

    Innovation and an awareness of environmental impacts are part of our DNA. Well before other companies have focused on sustainability we have been incorporating a range of recycled and sustainably produced products in our asphalt mixes and using bio-based products for bitumen restoration.

    This focus attracted COLAS, our parent company to invest and acquire a 70% share in ASCO Asphalt.  This allows ASCO Asphalt to have a significant advantage as an autonomous subsidiary company able to respond in an agile way to meet local market needs yet with access to capital, plant, specialist technical expertise, bitumen supply, and research and development capabilities of COLAS.

    World-wide COLAS use 5% of the world’s bitumen supply making COLAS the world’s largest consumer of bitumen. The company manufactures around 40 million tonnes of asphalt per annum and operates some 500 asphalt manufacturing plants throughout 50 countries.

    Founded in in 1929 COLAS has committed to the Paris Agreement by setting an ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and is delivering on this by developing and promoting low carbon products, techniques and solutions.

    COLAS today is recognised as the world’s 5th largest recycler in all industries and is externally certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 becoming the first company internationally to be triple certified in the year 2000.