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SEALCOAT is a preventative maintenance treatment designed to preserve asphalt and chip seal pavements, reducing the need for expensive rehabilitation.

Sealcoat treatments seal the pavement surface against the intrusion of air and water, slowing the oxidation process.

Coverage: 1 litre per square metre


    • Is an economic pavement treatment compared with heavier protective coats (such as chip seal or slurry seal) • Designed as a micro-surfacing sealant to extend the life of existing bituminous surfaces • Protects pavements from weathering • Pavement skid resistance and permeability is improved on application • Prevents loss of larger stones, cracking, water penetration.


    SEALCOAT is suitable for use on carparks (chipseal or asphalt surface)


    Assess the weather to ensure no rain is forecast within the next 24 hours. Sweep and clean the surface to be treated with a brush to remove detritus and loose materials – a water blaster can be used to remove stubborn areas – the surface must be dry and clear of fresh petroleum product such as petrol or oil drips. Identify all water outlets where water will drain to and block or bund to ensure no runoff can occur should a freak shower occur during application. Apply masking to all areas not wanting to be covered in Sealcoat and to provide a clean crisp line to finish to. Application rate of 1 litre per m2 can be determined by lightly marking the area into subsections to enable consistency of application can be achieved. Decant the desired amount onto the surface from the container and spread onto the surface with a squeegee removing any high spots as you go. After the Sealcoat is dry the masking and drainage bunding can be removed.