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Bitumend® Coldmix

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Bitumend® Coldmix is a high quality polymer-modified asphalt mix that can be EASILY used by road controlling authorities, contractors and business owners to fill potholes, repair roads, carparks or driveways straight from the bag.


    • Super strong once compacted • Easy to use when you open the bag • Outperforms just about every other solution in the market for fixing potholes • Is trafficable straight away • Contains pressure sensitive polymers in the cold mix which enhance compaction • Can be applied in all weather conditions • No emulsions required.


    Bitumend® Coldmix is a permanent pothole repair kit in a bag. It is the ideal product for fixing potholes or making asphalt repairs in your driveway or carpark.

    Bitumend® Coldmix is a cold asphalt product made with special polymers so that it remains strong and flexible yet easy enough to use when you open the bag – excellent qualities for making long term repairs to potholes. Not all cold mix asphalt products are made equal. Our experience has shown us that Bitumend® Coldmix Asphalt is as good if not better than hotmix for fixing potholes in the road surface.


    STEP 1
    Clean the hole of any debris and remove any loose pieces around the hole(and if possible give yourself a vertical edge around the hole for the Bitumend® Cold mix to butt up against – it lengthens the life of the repair).

    STEP 2
    Fill the hole with Bitumend® Coldmix. Form a crown by making the middle slightly higher than the sides.  Depending on the size of the repair give yourself a 5-10cm crown.  This counteracts the subsidence caused by compacting.

    STEP 3
    Compact – A compactor is recommended for larger holes.  Otherwise driving back and forth over it in a vehicle(e.g 4×4) is also very effective.  You can also use timber posts to compact the cold mix on smaller holes.

The depth of the hole should be between 3cm and 5cm.